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About Us
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Umbrella Capital.

Umbrella Capital is a vertically integrated company in the photovoltaic solar energy value chain and has a strong international vocation.

The companies belonging to Umbrella Capital cover a wide spectrum of activities strongly linked to the production and accumulation of electricity from solar photovoltaic sources.

With an important focus on the incorporation of new technological developments, a high dedication to customer service and the added value provided by an extraordinary degree of downstream knowledge in the solar industry, Umbrella Capital is mapped out into the future with the mission of creating a better society, in which the sun and technology provide an environment of energy freedom and environmental sustainability.

Business lines


The objective of IM2 is the development and construction of photovoltaic solar projects, maximising the generation of financial returns for our clients, in Europe and Latin America as well as a contribution to the mitigation of climate change and economic growth through the use of the sun, our most abundant natural resource.


With a multinational spirit, we are dedicated to the development, construction and promotion of solar energy projects, with more than 800,000 square meters of solar panels built in 128 installations and with over more than 15 years of experience. Our added value is based on our presence in each of the phases of development and realisation of a project, from obtaining all permits and licenses, to its execution and turnkey implementation. Monitoring project management from an early stage allows us to offer a safe and profitable product to our clients.


Solar Rocket operates in the field of the sale and distribution of solar photovoltaic material with a special focus on elements of energy accumulation. The company also provides advice for the design of photovoltaic installations that can reliably and efficiently meet the energy needs of consumers who do not have access to the network, who want to disconnect from it or who simply want to save energy or reduce their carbon footprint.


At Solar Rocket we offer comprehensive services with the highest standard of excellence and our value lies in extensive experience that allows us to advise our customers, the high stock capacity of all products and a deposit program that allows our customers to have access to the products they need permanently. Solar Rocket products have specific guarantees, we also manage our sales channels through an online platform and we incorporate exclusive financing programs.


Turbo Energy is the leading developer and producer of components exclusively designed for applications in isolated solar photovoltaic installations or for self-consumption. With a marked focus on the incorporation of its catalogue of products destined for the accumulation of electric energy and the reduction of the final cost of the production of electric energy, Turbo Energy assures the high quality of its products through careful R&D management. Photovoltaic solar panels, electrical components such as grid inverters and chargers, as well as a wide range of batteries with Lithium Ion and Lead Acid technology, form the range of products that we offer to our professional clients.


We offer a strong commitment to the R&D of the product, to which we add the use of flexible production platforms that allow Turbo Energy to guarantee excellent performance throughout its product range.


Greentech provides operation and maintenance services for photovoltaic solar plants in Spain and LATAM through our offices in Valencia and Santiago de Chile.
Through the operation services, the company analyses the behaviour of the solar plant both in real time and its accumulated value of the month or year, to corroborate that the production data is adequate and to optimise the production of energy.
With regard to maintenance tasks, these involve carrying out the necessary conservation protocols so that the photovoltaic assets -provided to operate for a minimum of 30 years- have the appropriate duration and offer their maximum potential.

Addes Value

We differentiate ourselves in the specialisation and professionalisation of our work, since we take care of the operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic assets exclusively. Our high quality standard comes as a consequence of an experience of more than 15 years and constant updating regarding the existing technological advances. Our presence in the entire value chain of photovoltaic activity allows us to have very fast reaction times, providing additional value to the customer.


Thunder Energy is a company of electric power generation from solar origin, sustainable and respectful to the environment. Configured as an IPP (Independent Power Producer) structure, the company has several photovoltaic plants (solar assets) to produce energy that we later market in the electricity market or through private agreements, both in Spain and Chile.

Added Value

We generate value by taking advantage of the natural resources of the regions where we operate to convert them into renewable energy of a sustainable origin. We democratise the use of energy and provide freedom in a traditionally oligopolistic sector.

International Presence

We have offices in Valencia (Europe) and Chile (LATAM)